Yasmeen Alkoka

Yasmeen Alkoka
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Athletics for UTM summer students

As classes come to an end and exam season begins, there will still be plenty of opportunities for students to stay active this spring...

Writing & Photo Contest 2017 Winner — Non-Fiction

My Pengu “Last chance! If I haven’t received a promise letter from you, then you won’t be able to take home a penguin from my...

Daylight Saving still needed?

We’ve turned our clocks an hour behind yet again, but did anyone stop to wonder why? While there are only a few complaints about...

Celebrating UTM’s 50th anniversary

UTM will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, commemorating the development of a small college in 1967 to the growing campus it is...

A dirty dilemma

Since the start of classes this semester, the South Field has experienced some closures that left students wondering.The UTM community was informed by email...

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