Rowan El Shabassy

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Music Club rocks for a good cause

Tickets? Sold out. Tables? Hauled in from other rooms. Chairs? Not enough! That was how the Mosaic Charity Dinner went on Friday. The fourth...

UTM destresses with TREWO

The group hoped to raise awareness about mental and emotional health.

Get involved at UTM

It’s a real shame when a university student comes out at the end of his university career having gained no more than a degree, don’t you think?

UTMSU introduces DisOrientation Week

The UTMSU held its DisOrientation event last week to unite students on campus who share a passion for various initiatives in politics, equity, and social justice.

Crushing on your TA

Whether or not we allow ourselves to admit it, we are all prone to crushing on our TAs, even if it is just a teeny tiny bit!