Monday, September 14, 2020

Novy Warouw

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Mono: the cheater’s disease

Infidelity no longer discloses itself as the lipstick stain on a man’s collar, or as stale Axe rubbed off an overnight’s worth of rumpled...

Running UTM’s only pub: Shane Madhani

Shane Madhani strolls to his hidden corner office at the Pub, high-fiv-ing students and patting their backs on the way. The air smells like...

Let’s talk about sex, baby

She bit down on a string of black plastic beads, strands of blonde hair caught between her teeth. The words “art”, “skill”, and “oral...

What’s for dinner: hunger factors in Peel

“What’s for dinner tonight? Crabby Joe’s,” says Daniel Ngo, a third-year computer science student at UTM. Vince Leung, a fourth-year CCIT student, agreed. “Some type...

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