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Health on campus

Most students are unaware of HCC’s services

“How are we selling exercise?”

Research symposium hosted by the University of Toronto questions the cost of advocating healthy lifestyles

Exercise as medication?

Research symposium held at the University of Toronto discusses the medical effects of exercise on health

Combatting obesity through advertising?

U of T researchers study effectiveness of health campaigns on children

Controlling obesity through policy

Researchers suggest implementing policies to promote healthy lifestyles.

Are you getting enough exercise?

Studies how physical activity decreases among adults while binge drinking and smoking increase.

Non-head injuries can influence cognition in athletes

The effects that non-head injuries can have on the brain.

Inspiration is not enough

Deeply rooted in Olympic ideology is the idea that if a country excels at the Olympics, the medal-winning athletes will inspire more children to train hard to achieve the same goal.

Gender equity in varsity sports

The report’s results show that across Canada, males and females each have half of the participation opportunities at university; however, males have an unfair advantage.

Dropping the ball

The UTM Eagles men’s Tri-Campus volleyball team played their final game of the season against St. George Black last Tuesday at the RAWC.

UTM crushes UC, hosts basketball tourney

On November 16, the UTM’s Div. 1 basketball team, Eagles White, took on University College at 8 p.m. in the RAWC. The Eagles came...

ECG screening in athletes

In the lead article of the December issue of the Journal of Sports Medicine, U of T professor Roy Shephard weighs the importance of electrocardiogram screening against the costs of mandatory implementation.