Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Michael Di Leo

Michael Di Leo
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Michael joined the Medium in his first year to pursue his passion reviewing music. After a two-year stint as Arts & Entertainment Editor, Michael returned as Editor-in-Chief for the 2011/12 year. Along with an incredibly talented group of editors, Michael worked to overhaul the Medium's print and web presence, including relaunching Medium Magazine (which he also co-founded). Unlike most of the editors, you will not find any evidence of Michael on Twitter.

A new kind of history

Institutional history be damned

Debating student politics

Last week’s debate was just plain sad.

What representation means

There needs to be a dramatic rethinking of the way we as students are represented and what role we see our union playing in the future

Which is closer: Israel or UTM?

That’s certainly not what our unions are meant to do, especially when they could have been discussing campus issues.

Editor’s note

There is a spectre that hangs over student media. Actually, all media (including the big-person kind), if you want to get all technical about it....

Dirty little secret

Getting to Trinity College is the easy part. The building is on Hoskin Avenue, just north of Hart House. If you walk through the Hart...

The great compromise

The next time our union goes back to the bargaining table, will the administration feel the same way?

The “Drop Fees” benefit

Despite the absurdity of the event itself, it is nice to see our union go out and take some initiative.

The commodification and distraction of politics

It looks like a season three of The Flavor of Love.

The Ivy League mentality

Why are we all subject to this weird Ivy League fetishism?

Disagreement can be a good thing

Given the amount of feedback I have received on such a wide range of issues, I must conclude that people do, in fact, have opinions on what goes down at UTM, despite what you may have heard. Apathy is so 2011.

A failure to communicate

In the month since the last ECC meeting I have received a large number of requests, complaints, and clarifications about the issues surrounding the proceedings.

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