Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Lori-Lee Emshey

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ROP group reports on crime

Geography professor Dana Wilson released the preliminary findings of her study on the causes of violent crime at the Crime Prevention Conference on November...

Another “Drop Fees” campaign

UTMSU held the year’s first Drop Fees coalition meeting last Tuesday. At the meeting they discussed how to raise awareness for the Drop Fees Rally, scheduled for February 1.

Men wear wedges for pledges

The UTM Women’s Centre held the Walk Five Minutes in Her Shoes event at the Student Centre last Wednesday to raise money and awareness of violence against women. From 1 to 2 p.m., male pledges navigated an obstacle course, catwalked, and posed in heels.

Lend a helping hijab

The Muslim Student Association took part in Global Pink Hijab Day to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research last Wednesday.

ASPAWC debates Doha

The Arab Students for Peace and World Change (ASPAWC) club held their first The Doha Debates-style discussion with UTM professor Jens Hanssen at the Student Centre last Wednesday.

U of T opens the India Innovation Institute

Last Wednesday the University of Toronto announced the opening of the India Innovation Institute, a think tank studying “frugal innovation”.

Debating dejabbing

Shaila Kibria has accomplished many things since leaving UTM: running for the New Democratic Party, publishing a children’s book, and writing for CBC Radio—but she most recently made headlines over her choice to stop wearing her hijab.

UTM flocks to the grad school fair

UTM students lined up in the RAWC to get into the annual Graduate and Professional Schools Fair held by the UTM Career Centre last Wednesday.

Artists “take part” at the Barnicke

The exhibition is composed of works by five international artists in both video and print. The works interpret how the modern public sphere is simultaneously bought together and segregated by social media, consumerism, religion, capitalism, and individual human perception.

Nuit Blanche: Lori-Lee Emshey hits the major hotspots

UTM did not anticipate the popularity of Nuit Blanche—an all-night, interactive art festival now in its sixth year—among its students.

U of T ranks third outside US

Newsweek and The Daily Beast placed the University of Toronto third in the list of the top 104 universities outside the US last week.

Fireworks at the AGM

Earlier this month, the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) unveiled Fireworks 2011, an exhibition by Ontario Clay and Glass Association members in collaboration with FUSION magazine to showcase the best contemporary clay and glass artwork from the Golden Horseshoe.

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