Thursday, October 29, 2020

Edward Cai

Edward Cai
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Edward started contributing to the Medium in his first year as an Associate Photo Editor. Two years following, he filled the position as Photo Editor. Today he dabbles in everything creative at the Medium, from the website blogs and videos to the newspaper. @edtcetera

UTM Streeters: Sex Pub

Corey and I went around campus to interview students about what they think happens in Sex Pub. What they had heard from friends, seen...

UTM’s treasure

When people mention UTM, they imagine a campus nestled in forest, overthrown with deers. But we are much more than that, we are a...

Nuit Blanche

Hundreds flock to Toronto's downtown core to enjoy all things art. How was your experience? Did you love it because it teased the boundary...

Professor by day, rockstar by night

The psychology department’s annual PAUSE Variety Night raised over $600 for ErinoakKids

So you wanna take photos?

SIMPLE TIPS The age of digital cellphone photography and cheap digital cameras has turned everyone into a photographer. Pro-photographer Chase Jarvis says, “The best camera...

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