Thursday, October 22, 2020

Annie Ratcliffe

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Mindwaves launch celebrates storytelling

“Writing doesn’t just allow me to tell a story. It allows me to feel at peace with the event I’m writing about, as if...

Student talent flocks to the Blind Duck

The Blind Duck was packed last Thursday night as the contestants and audience waited for the fifth annual UTM’s Got Talent competition to begin....

“Unknown” writers make their voices heard

“I never expected to have been recognized for any of my writing,” says Phoebe Lau, a fourth-year UTM English student. “This the first...

Campus construction jeopardizes Thomasos mural

If you’re an upper-year student at UTM, you’ve most likely seen the massive, haunting mural in the North Building’s upstairs lobby; more recent students...

The upside of having homework

One incarnation of the popular “Lazy College Senior” meme reads, “Read pages 40‒79 for homework. Sweet, no homework.” It’s meant to be humorous, but...

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