Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Adam Erb

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TAs set strike deadline

Clock is ticking for university to make “reasonable contract”.

UTmail+ ready to launch

After a migration to the new email server, old emails will not automatically carry over to the new account.

UTM updates email server

The new program is called “UTmail+”.

Samsung launches projects with UTM

UTM and Samsung will partner on upcoming media projects that bring something new and exciting in social media.

U of T awarded for sexual diversity activism

U of T received the provincial plaque for sexual diversity activism on November 2, for work done by the University of Toronto Homophile Association.

UCS takes a pie in the face

The Blind Duck swelled with enthusiastic volunteers, cheering students on to give whatever they could in an effort to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. At booths with video games, baked goods, authentic Indian cuisine, and photographs, all proceeds were donated to the cause.

Restraints of a student budget

The Student Financial Workshop, offered through the partnership of the UTM Students’ Union and the Office of the Registrar, was held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Student Centre.

New academic society hosts meet and greet

Last Monday, the Language Studies Academic Society held a special meet and greet for members, students interested in joining, and faculty members of language programs.

Student engagement at Clubs Week

Clubs Week typically runs the entire second week of each semester and covers pastimes and interests for almost every walk of life on campus.

Valentine’s gift ideas: surviving V-Day

Have a girlfriend/boyfriend and don’t know what to buy for them? Have that special someone you want to woo, but unsure how to do it? Are...

Keeping your brain active

Ever thought about what you’re going to do after university? Ever thought where you want to be 10 years from now? Are you even thinking right...

Why, Wendy’s! What big thighs you have!

In 2004, one man was brave enough to plow through a one-month binge of high-calorie protein, high-sugar soft drinks, and a cavalcade of low-nutrient...

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