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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Volume 45, Issue 9 (November 12, 2018)

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UTMSU raises executive salaries

The UTMSU is currently working on raising the salaries of their executive members from $28,500 to $31,600. According to meeting minutes recently released by the...

All hands on deck: learning beyond the classroom

This week we have a piece in our features section on four undergraduate students who took a trip to Hokkaido, Japan with Dr. Gary Crawford, a professor in UTM’s anthropology department. Reading this had me thinking about opportunities here at UTM to learn beyond...

UTM falls short against the Sheridan Bruins

This past Saturday, November 10th, our men’s varsity basketball team took on the fourth ranked team in the OCAA West conference: the Sheridan Bruins....

Jess Nguyen admits that a week before competition, he limits his social contact as much as possible

The women’s varsity basketball team’s record now rests at 4-2-0 after second loss this weekend

This past weekend, November 9-10, Sophie Glanz, Kale Heino, and Haseeb Malik from UTM’s...