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Volume 45, Issue 13 (January 7, 2019)

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U of T source of environmental change

The University of Toronto proves to be a source for environmental changemakers as students Lauren Ead and Christopher Ford were awarded the Youth Environmental...

The city of Mississauga hopes to reform city transportation by 2041

Never settle for subjective journalism

If you read campus publications, you are probably well aware of the tensions between campus newspapers and students’ unions. Reading the articles myself, I often question, what is the backstory here? What really happened and could this all have been resolved if...

Unravelling Bandersnatch

In late December 2018, Netflix released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a full-length interactive movie directed by David Slade, that is part of the Black Mirror...

The male-dominated hip hop industry is notorious for its misogynistic lyrics and exclusion of female artists

Ghostbusters is a 1984 paranormal comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman. When Peter Venkman...

Using human health for breadth credits

Many students often find the hunt for distribution credits to satisfy UTM’s graduation requirements to be tedious at times. To graduate from the university,...

Dr. Radha Maharaj talks about how her research project, Elly, will raise awareness for financial literacy

Marc Johnson discusses his work with the lab, their accomplishments, and their future

The Medium investigates the effect drawing and other techniques have on our memory retention

Pilatesfit: pilates with an extra crunch

On the first Friday of the semester, the RAWC held a Pilatesfit group fitness class in the afternoon at the dance studio. At what...

If you type the word “detox” into your Google search box, a few things...

Shisha is often seen as a harmless social activity but can be detrimental to health if smoked excessively

It is important for people to not only set a new year’s resolution, but also to create a plan to ensure success

A common misconception is that we must join a gym to workout but at-home workouts are just as effective