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Volume 45, Issue 11 (November 26, 2018)

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UTSG to build new residence

The University of Toronto is laying down the framework for more on-campus housing and other services after receiving approval from the Governing Council’s business...

The UTMSU is currently renegotiating the health and dental plan leading up to their separation with the UTSU

U of T leadership conference hones skills and creates connections

A review of the UTMSU’s initiatives this past semester

A member-submitted motion to implement online voting for UTMSU elections failed to pass

Do they really believe this crap?

This past Thursday I attended, for the first time ever in my undergraduate career, the UTMSU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). I decided to attend because I had caught wind of an exciting motion to implement online-voting for the upcoming UTMSU elections, and all subsequent...

Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

You may have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, you’ve probably seen the 2005 movie starring Johnny Depp, and now this...

Red. The color of the film’s interior in every sense of the word: the...

You might think, what kind of books are professors reading nowadays? Last week, The...

Write Or Die is a podcast in which guest writers share their experiences of...

Currently writing and starring in plays, Brown discusses her time at UTM and The Medium

Psychedelic rock band Dizzy Mystics talks Winnipeg roots and their upcoming Ontario tour

For its production of Metamorphoses, Theatre Erindale hired an intimacy training director

UTM joins global “giving back” initiative

Last Tuesday, UTM participated in a global initiative of giving back by celebrating Giving Tuesday. Organized by the Centre of Student Engagement (CSE), the...

Four people share their stories of Mike Lavelle’s impact on their careers and their personal lives

As a fourth-year UTM CCT student and a U of T Varsity Blues field...

Weber, UTM alumnus and author, discusses his writing and his undergraduate experience

Fernandez discusses The Thomas Fisher Library’s latest exhibit

Last Wednesday, PAUSE held their Health and Wellness Fair on SAD