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Volume 44, Issue 17 (January 29, 2018)

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Nour Alideeb reelected to CFS

Former UTMSU president Nour Alideeb has been re-elected to serve as the chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students in Ontario. The chairperson is responsible...

The 2018-2019 ancillary budget will see increases in residence fees and renovations are expected to begin

Mahir Zuber alleges he was assaulted after students stormed the SCSU’s 2018 All-Candidates Meeting

An on-going investigation is being conducted by the University of Toronto Mississauga’s Campus Police...

This is the third year UTMSU hosted events and shows

Unit 1 of CUPE3902 has set a strike deadline on February 26th for the...

Everyone in Salem is watching you

In Massachusetts lies a town called Salem, well-known in pop culture for the infamous 17th century witch trials. The Crucible’s premier on January 19...

The Art Museum at U of T brings together professionals for a 12-hour night of sleep exploration

What does sleep mean to you? Figures of Sleep conveys messages about sleep through artistry

Art Battle International hosted Art Battle Mississauga this past Wednesday, featuring twelve artists—ranging from...

The Cine-Files is a weekly podcast hosted by Steve Morris and John Rocha. Morris...

Nives Hajdin, a former A&E editor, gives a career overview

The first time I saw Titanic, I was 17 years old and decided it...

Tweeting towards collective action

Last weekend, thousands of people around the United States and the world paraded through the streets for the 2018 Women’s March. When the first...

The trade agreement, Trump, and what a dissolution could mean for Canada: The Medium investigates

UTM professor Kristin Plys from the sociology department discusses perspectives on minimum wage

Wondrous Woo author Carrianne Leung shares her experiences with navigating the publishing industry

UTM Geography Professor Yuhong He discusses her research using remote sensing

Zamam Khan: heart, grit, nothing to lose

Like many dedicated athletes, UTM Eagle, Zamam Khan, has a unique pregame ritual. He doesn’t toss chalk dust in the air, take an ice-cold...

unavoidable pain Colitis and Crohn’s are both diseases that affect the digestive system and can cause discomfort to people

UTM men’s and women’s basketball teams successfully walked away with 6 points this weekend

Men’s D-League indoor soccer lost their first game against UTSC last Monday