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Volume 44, Issue 16 (January 22, 2018)

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Protests held at St. George Tim Hortons

A national day of action was held at Tim Horton’s locations across Toronto in response to some franchise holders cutting breaks and health benefits...

150 Ph.D. students from Mexico will recieve funding to come to U of T in collaboration with CONACyT

The annual event saw large student and employer turnout

Trump’s hatred unleashes support

This week, L’Oreal Paris starred a hijab-wearing model for a new hair campaign. The model, a British YouTuber and beauty blogger, Amena Khan, is shown in the ad saying: “Whether or not your hair is on display, doesn’t affect how much you care about...

So you think you can write a one-act?

The UTM English and Drama Student Society’s most recent production, Festival of One Acts, showcased four plays all written, directed, and performed by UTM...

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird explores the dynamic of a mother-daughter relationship fraught with angst

First Nation representatives discuss the meaning of indigenous land stewardship and land claims

Newsies (1992) was one of Disney’s biggest box office flops, but over the years,...

If you’re a huge fan of Mean Girls, I recommend you check out Heathers...

#callresponse, the Blackwood Gallery’s newest exhibition, is a collaborative set of works that bring...

The Art Gallery of Ontario pays exhibit tribute to American poet and painter Florine Steittheimer

Reasons we should care about care

January is Alzheimer’s awareness month, and to encourage discussion on caregiving and health education, the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada is hosting workshops for family...

Recipient of the Elizabeth Ann Wintercorbyn Award, Ph.D. candidate Sara Hegazi talks about her interests

The first of a six-part series, Civic Awareness workshops at UTM encourage community involvement

How to be smart with money at UTM

Do you even clean and press, though?

Olympic Weightlifting simply means “the style of weightlifting that you do at the Olympics.” According to Darren Turner, administrator and co-coach of the Olympic...

Eating excessive amounts of food in a small amount of time can pose health risks for individuals

UTM played St. Clair in their third game of the semester

Body dysmorphic disorder is believed to be more common in the world of body building