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Volume 44, Issue 10 (November 13, 2017)

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Faculty requests action against Peterson

Faculty members from the University of Toronto’s Women and Gender Studies Institute (WGSI) have requested a meeting with the university’s vice-provost to demand that...

The voting results will determine if the strike will continue or if classes will resume later this month

The collective agreement is set to expire December 31st

UTMSU advocates to implement a grade forgiveness policy

UTSU warned razor blades behind white supremacist posters

Take a breather, it’ll be okay

With the middle of November upon us, all these stresses and worries begin to dawn on students in the form of exams, assignments, essays, and more. It really is the final push before the break. Though I’m not currently in school anymore, I do find...

How Leave the Pack Behind helped me come to terms with my grandpa’s death

A microcosm of the Middle East arrives

This past Friday evening, I attended “One Thousand and One Nights”—an event put on by the Middle Eastern Students’ Association. The event featured a...

One of the strengths of the show was the energetic performances delivered by all the cast members

Directed by Jamie Robinson and written by Suzan-Lori Parks, the play focuses on contemporary issues

Last Thursday, the UTM Music Club hosted their weekly jam session.  During these weekly...

  By Grand Central Station, I Sat Down and Wept by Elizabeth Smart is an...

Ottawa actor Mike Stechyson is a full-member of ACTRA

Sickboy is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by Jeremie Saunders, Brian Stever, and Taylor...

Ideas about curiosity and learning

Last Saturday, the University of Toronto Mississauga hosted its second TEDxUofTMississauga event four years after the last one in 2013. Under the overarching theme...

Last Tuesday’s Lecture Me! event hosted UTM biology professor and paleontologist, Robert Reisz

The UTM Political Science and Pre-Law Assocation invited faculty to discuss the 1917 revolution

The movie night, showing Puss in Boots, was hosted in collaboration with Autism Ontario of PeeL

UTM linguistics students and faculty discuss opportunities

Last week’s Backpack to Briefcase workshop focused on discovering leadership potential

Men’s basketball loses by twenty points

The UTM men’s basketball team had their fifth game of the season last Saturday, November 11 against the Fanshawe Falcons. There was an astounding...

When debating between cow and nut milk, cow milk is the favoured option in terms of health benefits

  University can be demanding for students both mentally and physically and having the mental...

Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder starting in early January and continuing throughout the winter