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Volume 42, Issue 20 (March 7, 2016)

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Historic UTMSU election underway

For the first time in at least seven years, four full slates and three independent candidates are vying for student votes with hopes to...

A rundown of the slates running in the March 2016 UTMSU election

Fee increases were passed at Campus Council on Thursday as UTMSU voices opposition to changes

Students engage in discussion on the future of journalism

A healthy amount of comedy

When it comes to politics, I considered myself to be one of those ignorant millenials who didn’t really know too much about what was going on. Growing up, I was somehow convinced that my vote didn’t matter and that if I didn’t know enough...

Free tuition is coming soon to low-income households—but at what cost?

The fame monster

Being a comic book lover, I was excited to see what the latest superhero flick had in store for me. This movie had been...

Art Gallery of Mississauga opens three new exhibits that are both unique and connected

Style and Profyle returns to the Blind Duck

UTM’s very own X Factor raises money for Free the Children while also raising roofs on campus

Judging from the cover art alone, Head First by Goldfrapp looks like an adventure...

Comedy combats the stigma surrounding mental health

It’s really quite sad how those with immeasurable talent become most known for their...

Counting down the final days of print?

Within Canada’s Digital Divides (a Poynter Institute report written by Ken Goldstein) lies an ominous statement: “In 2025, it is likely that there will...

The tri-campus Black History Month Conference featured keynote speakers and workshops

The Medium rewinds and takes a look at the history of UTMSU executive elections

It’s official: I may have uncovered the perfect recipe for us lazy and slightly...

Aboriginal elder Cat Criger leads indigenous seminar series about inclusion, diversity, and equity

#SIC2016 breaks the Twitter-sphere

At the fifth annual Sports Industry Conference, held last Friday at U of T Rotman School of Management, students and speakers tweeted out #SIC2016,...

UTM’s squash club grows in numbers, finding success

These days, it seems like there’s a new diet every time you open the...