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Volume 41, Issue 2 (September 15, 2014)

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Student wins free residence

Like many students, incoming first-year Tiffany Williams visited UTM over the summer for a campus tour. Little did she know that her visit would...

Students were welcomed back to campus last week with a range of events hosted...

International students, who made up about 20% of UTM’s population last year, at the Civic Centre.

Walkout held in honour of Michael Brown, shot down by police in Missouri

Time for better union accessibility

I remember a few quarrels involving our student union and St. George’s about the contract that determines the exchange of student fees between them—it was a bit of a theme last year, actually, the fact that our money flows first to UTSU and then,...

Craig Cardiff | Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) Part...

Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) Part 1 & 2 is an album inspired by a project that Canadian singer Craig Cardiff started...

Renowned Canadian painter, 1920–2013, honoured in AGO exhibit

Square Plumb and Level exhibits architecture

The F Word is a fun little rom-com debating the age-old question of men and women being “just friends”

Death From Above 1979 returns with The Physical World

After an incredible first season, HBO’s newest addition proves its worth all over again in the finale

The award-winning director discusses the peaceful message of Little Terrors, also reviewed this week

An Italian take on the Taste of Streetsville

After three years I did it: the Taste of Streetsville. Each year I promised myself or made a date with friends, and each year...

Each week The Medium chats with a UTM professor about one of their favourite...

We’re all used to purchasing bibs and strollers for baby showers and giving household...

New transition program for students on or off the campus

UTM alumna Rumeet Billan opens up to students about how she launched Jobs in Education

Sports clinic sees 50% non-students

Tucked away near the hallway that connects the main gym and Gym C, the Sports Clinic is a common sight for those who walk...

U of T holds Argo Cup in 70-0 game against rivals York U, sets record for margin of victory

Archery Club draws the bowstring for its first full year on campus