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Volume 41, Issue 11 (November 24, 2014)

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Ontario bans campus tobacco sales

As of January 1, colleges and universities in Ontario will no longer be able to sell tobacco on their campuses as a result of...

3rd Countdown to Success features entrepreneur Bruce Croxon

Tuesday’s Wireless Wearable Health Tech Symposium, held in the Innovation Complex, featured visits by...

UTMSU Commission Meeting strategizes issues to raise at forum this week

Last Wednesday, outstanding UTM staff were honoured at the Principal’s Awards Reception.The Innovation Complex rotunda...

Not easy to update the classics

A lot of the media I know as “classic” comes from my parents. It’s the books I was given to read later in childhood, the cassettes sitting under the phonograph (not a match, I realize), and a handful of VHS tapes, or at least...

Hazel McCallion’s musical sendoff

November 30 will mark Hazel McCallion’s last day in office after 36 years of being Mississauga’s esteemed mayor. Watching McCallion mingling and taking selfies...

Rosewater depicts journalist’s kidnapping

YouTube adaptations win Primetime Emmy

Bob Dylan may not be “Forever Young”, but he’s still got it

Nickelback returns with eighth album

The Hunger Games series continued its conquest of the world’s movie screens with Mockingjay...

Visual Studies Student Society brings back the art sale

A literary canon for our generation

What is a classic?When presented with this question, I thought of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the works of Shakespeare, Homer’s The Odyssey, and Charles...

UTM’s Aboriginal elder spends a weekend in residence

I personally have never held a dinner party. That said, I’m a diehard fan...

Three members of the class of 2014 discuss what life is like after crossing the stage at Con Hall

Becoming addicted to caffeine is as simple as ordering that one triple venti no-foam latte

Two championship wins in two days

In the span of two days, UTM won two championships in Division 1 and tri-campus men’s outdoor soccer. This marks the first time in...

Men’s basketball team earn 13-point victory over Nipissing at the centre’s grand opening

The Eagles’ Sam Dumcum reflects on his athletic achievements and his journey to UTM