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In conversation with Shalini Nanayakkara

Shalini Nanayakkara has been writing since she was eleven-years-old and self-published her fantasy novel The Time has Come when she was twelve-years-old.

Insight into Features:

Kevin Kim, Associate Features Editor As a fresh, bright-eyed student at UTM much like so many others, my first year...

Does drawing improve your memory?

For a university student, a heightened memory is a valuable skill to have since success in most courses is largely dependent on...

Words from a photojournalist turned writer

I’ve been at this newspaper for two years now and I’ve never written once for this paper. My job as the photo editor is...

Going digital with woes: the modern-day diary

The ability to document every moment is a tool unique to the lives of millennials. While our parents may have written about their day...

Making waves

This year’s Mindwaves editorial team received over 150 pages of submissions from students of different academic backgrounds

Mindwaves paves the way for non-fiction prose

Mindwaves collects, edits, and publishes the best of UTM’s non-fiction writing.

Language is everything

As a linguistics student, a new member of LSAS, an editor, and a wannabe writer, I’ve come to appreciate just how pervasive, how everywhere...

Positive writing makes me mad

Businesses want to make you happy. Happy people, to put it bluntly, spend more and question less. There’s nothing wrong with that goal at...

Blogging: living life one hit at a time

Before I start, I’m going to take a wild guess that you have—or have had—a personal blog where all you did was post whatever...

The grammar wars

Views on English grammar are as numerous as the rules they comment on. Lynne Truss of Eats Shoots and Leaves sees it as a...

A different kind of work ethic

It’s close to midnight as I type these lines. I should've finished my editorial a while ago, days ago actually. Tha’ts what happened the...

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