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The Way I Are

Confusion and attraction are, for some, factors leading to a tawdry one-night stand, but for Katie Bethune-Leamen they form the basis of her latest...

Taking you inside the OUT

Ask UTM students if theres a gay club on campus and theyre likely to say no, but they would be wrong. Its called [email protected]

New Democrats at UTM

Howard Hampton has initiated a leadership race in the provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) by announcing that he will step down from the position...

The Sports Editor: UTM Students lead Mississauga Majors to victory

The Mississauga St.Michael's Majors defeated the Peterborough Petes 4-2 Friday February 6 at Mississauga's Hershey Centre. UTM Student Cameron Gaunce scored one goal with...

Summer abroad program

The hustle and bustle of deadlines and assignments often gets students down. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Its...

Ngobia bids UTM farewell

Jane Ngobia, diversity, equity & leadership officer at UTM, has resigned so she can fulfill a role at the Ontario College of Art and...

The wheels on the bus

The University of Torontos tricampus model fosters greater course selection, the ability to educate more students, and the fuzzy feeling of superiority from having...

New 12-week study term for 2009-2010

Erindale College Council approved aproposal for a twelve-week fall term at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) on December 11, 2008, which will take...

UTM students protest Gaza humanitarian crisis

In freezing temperatures last Saturday afternoon, nearly 15,000 protesters turned out to protest the on-going humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip. The mob of...

Strike at UTM in February 2009?

The University of Toronto and CUPE Local 3902 are currently deadlocked in negotiations, with a mediator scheduled to intervene this month in the hopes of reaching an agreement. If this fails, CUPE may be in a strike position as early as February.

Election Woes

397 voters. 397 students. If a lecture hall worth of students had bothered to cast a ballot, perhaps popular Liberal MP Omar Alghabra would...

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