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Monday, March 25, 2019

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Q&A with writing industry professionals

On November 16th, the Writer’s Career Panel was hosted in UTM’s Spigel Hall to provide students with the opportunity to learn from professionals in...

Living Life Miway

I’ve always experienced sleepless nights before the first day of school. The mornings were much worse, I’d be plagued with a sense of uneasiness...

UTM Scribes return with the third Slate

With final exam season looming ahead, UTM students are gearing up to finish their pending assignments or cramming in a bit of studying in...

Behind the publication

This past Monday, UTM Scribes hosted the club’s first publishing panel. The event featured a casual discussion about authorship and publishing. Three published authors,...

Writing to publishing: the next chapter?

The UTM Scribes organized a publishing event last Wednesday, hosting author Carrianne Leung—best known for the 2014 Toronto Book Awards Finalist Wondrous Woo. Leung,...

Are students right to want to write?

Writing is difficult. It starts with the mind and a page, both blank and empty. Hosting a new set of visitors, eager to impart...

Finding an outlet for art on campus

Art is a universal tool that transcends social boundaries. It allows us to share thoughts, opinions, and messages that we might otherwise keep to...

Trouble coming to be

Starting a club is no mean feat, a fact the UTM Scribes learned this year. The idea for the club, originally known as the...

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