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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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The process of growth

When I was in high school, I was a shy and timid girl that didn’t speak up at all and didn’t want to try...

Hillewaert’s study in youth identity

With a large bookshelf filled with books, brightly coloured couches, and various fabrics adorning the walls, Professor Sarah Hillewaert’s office offers a glimpse into...

Fawning over UTM’s deer population

If there’s one thing that we’re proud of here at UTM, it’s our beloved deer population. From Deerfield Hall to the crowds that appear...

Is UTM just a pit stop on the way to a...

When meeting someone new at UTM, three common questions are typically asked: “What’s your name? What year are you in? What are you studying?”...

A glimpse into the Class of 2019

Meet the Class of 2019—a group of about 3,808 students within the approximately 13,700 undergraduate students here at UTM. While that number may seem...

Why are you here?

We joke about it all the time: how we students start and finish assignments the night before the due date, disregard weekly readings, and...

The cost of a university education

It’s over. The humid nights at boisterous parties, the spontaneous excursions to overcrowded beaches and parks, the long drives that ended with large family...

What now?

Life after university for U of T varsity athletes

Ontario to build new university campuses

Campuses will combine college and university instruction

Do rankings really matter?

Every student wants to get into a top university… right? Why is that? Who determines which universities are prestigious or not? Though finding out if...

STIs on the rise in universities

According to a study published in October by the Public Health Agency of Canada, young Canadians under the age of 30 are reporting the...

Inside the UTSU Election

From Tuesday March 10 until Thursday March 12, students at the University of Toronto will be voting to elect a new student union, which will either be the "Change U of T" slate of candidates or the "Demand Access" ticket. Jason Marin from Change and Adam Awad from Demand Access discuss their reasons for running and what their tickets represent.

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