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Tag: Toronto International Film Festival

Women in the director’s chair at TIFF

It is no secret that gender disparities exist in the film industry. However, the Toronto International Film Festival is taking initiative to close the...

Political portraits at TIFF

Since my recent move to Toronto, I have had the delight of fulfilling my love for movies, at the Toronto International Film Festival. The...

Investigating nature and technology

Canadian filmmaker Matthew Taylor Blais explores themes of self-discovery, nature, and fear in his first experimental narrative feature, Forest Movie. Hosted by the Cinema...

Breakfast at TIFF: an insider’s retelling

Every year, three blocks are shut down in downtown Toronto. From Peter to University, King Street is barricaded. The westbound side is sectioned off,...

Behind the scenes with Sheikh Jackson

Sheikh Jackson, an Egyptian movie directed by Amr Salama, was one of the movies screened as part of the Toronto International Film Festival last...

“My name is Rose. I didn’t kill my child.”

My personal experience at the Toronto International Film Festival could be seen as nothing less than an extraordinary opportunity. It enabled me, along with...

Anchored in the past

Casey Affleck turns in an award-worthy performance in writer/director Kenneth Lonergan’s captivating Manchester by the Sea, a family drama set on the shores of...

Big names shine on at TIFF

Is it possible for the good guys and the bad guys to work on the same team? Are the good guys still the good...

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