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Why did everyone get quiet?

Today I want to write about participation in class

Art exhibit takes over office space

To mark 100 years since the birth of Marshall McLuhan, the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery’s fall 2011 exhibition series, How Near is Far, honours the achievements of the great Canadian media theorist by featuring a number of works that address the growing permeation of information technology in society.

Do you live in a bubble?

And then came personalization, where the Internet already knows what you want to find out. Sounds good, right?

U of T opens the India Innovation Institute

Last Wednesday the University of Toronto announced the opening of the India Innovation Institute, a think tank studying “frugal innovation”.

An intro to Linux

If you’re tired of kowtowing to Windows and can’t stomach Steve Job’s Apple empire, learning to use Linux may be the path to happiness...

Replacing plastics

In the January 21 edition of Nature, a letter by a team of scientists from the University of Tokyo elaborated on the construction and...