Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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The virtues of humanity

With the decline in the number of post-secondary students pursuing an education in the humanities, the importance of identifying the root cause of this...

U of T focuses on revenue

The University of Toronto’s vice-president, operations and Real Estate Partnerships Scott Mabury has provided more information on the university’s “four corners” strategy.

OSAP protests

On January 25, thousands of students marched from Yonge and Dundas square to Queen’s Park to protest the announcement made by the Ontario government...

U of T source of environmental change

The University of Toronto proves to be a source for environmental changemakers as students Lauren Ead and Christopher Ford were awarded the Youth Environmental...

Smoking to be banned

The University of Toronto has a proposed smoking ban that will be implemented starting January 1, 2019. The ban will apply to the smoking of...

Fitting in: what it means to be first-gen

The transition from high school to university is a big step—and an even bigger one for first-generation students. These are students who are the...

Candidates debate student issues

More than half of the attendees at last Wednesday’s #UTMSPEAKS: Federal Elections Forum attended as undecided voters ahead of the October 19 national election. Hosted...

Academics versus religious observances

According to the legal and social affairs division within the parliament, “Scarcely a week goes by when some special day or observance is not...

What representation means

There needs to be a dramatic rethinking of the way we as students are represented and what role we see our union playing in the future

Where are all the leaders on campus?

Dear Editor,   On November 20, I left Calgary for Toronto after attending a four-day conference called the Canadian Conference for Student Leadership hosted by the...

Students seek healthy options on campus

The annual Health and Wellness Fair encourages students to lead healthy lives.

Do rankings really matter?

Every student wants to get into a top university… right? Why is that? Who determines which universities are prestigious or not? Though finding out if...

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