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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tag: student journalism

Advice for The Medium—an antidote to irrelevancy

I know few who associate Mondays with a fresh edition of the school paper. Even less who anticipate with dread or want, or any...

The merit behind student journalism

And so it’s over for another year.I speak to you as the outgoing managing editor, and the incoming editor-in-chief.Wild, right? Who would have thought...

Don’t blame journalists for their job

Last week, I read a tweet by UTM Students for Life, saying that I stand with them because I wrote a couple of articles...

U of T’s unreachable hierarchies

It doesn’t take much to see just how much money students put into their unions and university. UTMSU is given $22.13 a semester. UTSU...

The importance of investigation

Running a paper gives the opportunity for several people throughout the year to come knocking on your door or calling the office with complaints....

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