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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Tag: Stephen King

Doctor Sleep is a must-see sequel

It was only last month that I wrote a review on Stephen King’s The Shining (1980), but much like Jack Torrance with an axe,...


After watching the sequel of Stephen King’s IT in theatres, I wanted to revisit one of King’s most iconic stories: The Shining.

Monstrosity, fear, and horror in literature

Although Halloween has recently passed, the relevancy of horror—and horror literature more specifically—goes beyond that. In ENG239, an upcoming course on horror literature taught...

Horror meets harmony

What happens when you combine music with horror? I asked myself this question when I first heard the title of Hart House’s latest production, Carrie:...

Surfacing hidden depths with music

If you’re a horror fan, Carrie has probably come on your radar at some point, whether you’ve read the book or seen the films....

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