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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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The many faces of Christianity

Nowadays, it seems that pop cultural references to Christianity depict the religion through a Western paradigm. In what follows, I argue that it is...

Lights, camera, prayers: films in religion

Last Thursday, film director and UTM alumnus, Richie Mehta, visited UTM for a screening of his 2007 award winning movie Amal. Amal tells the story...

Toba Tek Singh

A successful attempt at satirizing aspects of calamity is a difficult task to accomplish. An equally challenging task is of capturing the aftermath of...

History is more than just names and dates

What makes a good teacher? It’s a difficult question. I personally hold some of my previous teachers responsible for shaping me into the person I...

Multi-faith space: a “band-aid solution”?

Two new multi-purpose areas opened in Deerfield Hall intended for multi-faith, meditation, and study purposes have been deemed a “band-aid solution” to address calls...

The link between religion and geek culture

With Halloween around the corner, I’m preparing to see a number of masks and costumes of various characters. To identify whom the outfit represents,...

Dialogue on extremism

People of various faiths gathered in the Presentation Room last week for an evening of interfaith discussion. The MSA, Amnesty International, Power2Change, U of T...

Human violence takes many forms

Any and every religion can be and has been used to destroy or to build up. The determining factors are the people using them...

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