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Fee increases passed at Campus Affairs

UTM’s Campus Affairs Committee has passed a motion to increase student compulsory non-academic incidental fees collected for UTMSU beginning as early as this summer,...

Big issues on the table for AGM

UTMSU’s annual general meeting takes place this Thursday and from the sound of it, students will have the chance to vote on some pretty...

UTMSU refuses to take part in QSS committee

UTMSU has refused to participate in Quality Services to Students committee consultation meetings with UTM administration due to UTMSU’s claims that university administration has...

Last stage for fee hikes

Fee increases for the U-Pass and student services were approved by Campus Council, the last step before confirmation by the Executive Committee, last week.The...

Re: U-Pass fee increases recommended

Dear editor, Last year I wrote a letter to you when UTMSU had turned down the fee increase at the QSS meeting. That fee increase...

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