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It All Makes Sense: Identity in a modern world

Under a haze of red muted light, Kidlat Tahimik’s 1977 cult film Perfumed Nightmare plays on repeat from a projector. Between the four...

Exploring DEMOS – A Reconstruction

DEMOS – A Reconstruction by Andreas Angelidakis, described as an invitation project, features 74 large vinyl encased foam blocks of various shapes and...

Nuit Blanche: a sleepless night of art

Insomniacs and art admirers alike were called upon to attend the 13th annual Nuit Blanche Toronto, an all-night celebration of contemporary art. Consisting of...

Nuit Blanche 2016: Two perspectives

Brainwaves and water Rachael MasihOne project that stood out at Nuit Blanche this year was an interactive piece by Lisa Park called “Eunoia II.”In this...

Nuit Blanche: Darren Savage talks to the people

It’s 4:57 a.m. Nothing went according to plan. Everything is over. People have gone home. Mere hours ago the streets of Toronto were teeming with people eager to take in a night of art in the city during Nuit Blanche.

Nuit Blanche: Lori-Lee Emshey hits the major hotspots

UTM did not anticipate the popularity of Nuit Blanche—an all-night, interactive art festival now in its sixth year—among its students.

Show me the art

I have been up for twenty-six hours straight and have learned that Nuit Blanche not only means White Night in French, but also holds...