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Friday, July 3, 2020

Tag: National Day of Action

UTMSU’s campaign promises reviewed

Last year, Fresh UTM was elected on a platform that promoted making fees more affordable for students and increasing student services. The elected team...

Protests held at St. George Tim Hortons

A national day of action was held at Tim Horton’s locations across Toronto in response to some franchise holders cutting breaks and health benefits...

UTMSU talks grade forgiveness

The UTMSU’s Campus and Advocacy meeting last Tuesday discussed the union’s plans to advocate for a grade forgiveness policy and the resources that the...

UTMSU to fight fee increase

UTMSU held its first Campaigns and Advocacy Commission meeting in the Student Centre last Tuesday, where they discussed the possibility of a demonstration this...

UTMSU campaigns for National Day of Action

UTMSU campaigned for the National Day of Action last week through posters in the Davis building asking UTM students, “What would you do if...

UTMSU introduces campaigns

A “Fight the Fees” campaign was discussed last Wednesday in UTMSU’s first commission meeting of this academic year. Marise Hopkins, UTMSU’s VP external, stated that...

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