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Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Make the most of today

We are not promised tomorrow. I know you’ve heard this before, and every once in a while, you’ll say you...

Greek Life: An antidote to apathy

Greek Life doesn’t exist at UTM. At UTM, we have no houses, and you can count the number of students that...

U of T develops leadership

From November 22 to November 24, students from across Canada convened at the University of Toronto St. George Campus for the Canadian Conference on...

Learning grit with CSE

Our lives as students are so complex and fast-paced that sometimes we lose track of what our true passions are. We think highly of...

A new name, a new year: CSE is ready

This summer, the student life department has undergone a few changes, and is now known as the Centre of Student Engagement. According to the mission...

Bringing student clubs together with COEN

Have you ever thought about starting a club, but found yourself demotivated when you realize you might not have the training required to approach...

Where are all the leaders on campus?

Dear Editor,   On November 20, I left Calgary for Toronto after attending a four-day conference called the Canadian Conference for Student Leadership hosted by the...

True leaders do the right thing

When I received a mass email in early October from the Office of Student Life, saying “You can attend a leadership conference in Calgary for FREE!”, I was immediately captivated.

New Democrats at UTM

Howard Hampton has initiated a leadership race in the provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) by announcing that he will step down from the position...

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