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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Is breakfast the most important meal?

The basics of nutrition are one of the fundamental ways of living. Sometimes, during periods of our youth, we tend to disregard our health...

UTM athletics: half a year in review

An appraisal of the previous semester is necessary to gauge the past and present state of UTM Athletics, before diving into a brand-new semester....

Cooking class with Kimberly Green

In the past, certain tribes would sacrifice sleep, food, and all worldly pleasures for a single cause. Today, they’re known as university undergraduates. Students...

Calling for student involvement

UTMSU’s annual Academic Advocacy Week last week brought attention to aspects affecting student academics on campus.“The goals of Academic Advocacy Week are to get...

How to eat healthy with UTM vendors

I like my packed lunches (and, if necessary, dinners), as I discussed in “Eating good food? It’s in the bag” back in November. But...

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