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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Toronto students unite for a vigil

Hundreds of University of Toronto and Ryerson University students gathered together for a vigil at King’s College Circle last Monday night, to mourn the...

Current students will be shafted

Premier Kathleen Wynne attended a meeting with students in Kaneff to discuss the potential setbacks of offering all students free tuition.While I understand that...

Premier Wynne talks free tuition

In an interview with The Medium last week, premier Kathleen Wynne responded to the students’ call for free tuition by explaining how obtaining free...

U of T responds to U.S. ban order

Following the executive order by the U.S. president Donald Trump that temporarily bans seven predominantly-Muslim countries from entrance to America, Ontario premier, Kathleen Wynne,...

The highs and lows of free tuition

About a week ago, Kathleen Wynne and her liberal government announced that within her budget plan, tuition and postsecondary education costs will be free...

Saini travels to India with Wynne

Deep Saini, VP of U of T and principal of UTM, is traveling to India alongside Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne in a trade mission...

Say hello to the birds and the bees

I still vividly remember sitting in my grade eight classroom trying not to cringe as my French teacher demonstrated putting a condom on a...

Giving a voice to international students

UTSU is calling on U of T and the Ontario government to pay greater attention to international student issues including representation on Governing Council,...

Tour brings premier to UTM

Premier Kathleen Wynne visited UTM on Thursday on the fourth day of her campus tour in the province.During her brief stop on campus, Wynne...

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