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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tag: Identity

The Best of Both Campuses

As a fourth-year UTM CCT student and a U of T Varsity Blues field hockey player who lives just off the UTSG campus, my...

Filling the gap on conceptions of home

Variations On is a series of artist interviews surrounding The Zwig Foundation Collection, a gallery featuring late Toronto residents Helen and Walter Zwig’s lifelong...

Being Black on Campus

I quickly noticed the disproportionate diversity on campus my first time at UTM. During Clubs Week in my first-year, I noticed a slew of...

Can adhering to morals make us happy?

You help someone and you feel good. But does following rules and adhering to one’s morals also elicit individual happiness? This is the fundamental...

Editor’s Note

We’re all facing our own identity crisis. Though we may refute it, every day we hope to find the true key in the search for...

Hedwig flies out of cage onto the stage

I like experiencing theatre without knowing the particulars of a production’s plot. So, when the title Hedwig and the Angry Inch arrested my vision,...

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