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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tag: green

Can we use poop to power the world?

This month’s Classes without Quizzes featured UTM alumnus Fahaq Tariq’s talk titled “Turning Poo into Power to Save the World.” Tariq is the founder...

Students compete on sustainable proposals

Finalists from student teams across Ontario met at UTM with competing sustainability proposals this month. Over 30 teams competed in the eighth annual Show Me...

Environment Week kicks off

This year, students can be a part of the seven environmental organizations on campus: UTMSU Ministry of the Environment, the Environmental Affairs Office’s Green...

A green UTM

With so many people practicing and propagating thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and practices of sustainable behaviour, it would be tempting to conclude that the world...

Driving green is driving smart

Students can save up to 30% on fuel costs through proper driving, straightforward car maintenance and lower emissions. To keep green (and keep greenbacks), consider...

Investors Beyond Borders aims to find a G.E.M

With environmental crises happening worldwide, Investors Beyond  Borders, a new student organization at UTM, strives to make a difference. According to its press release,...

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