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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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The Time Machine

Have you ever wondered what the future has in store? Flying cars, artificial intelligence, cloning, a cure for uncurbable diseases, the list goes on....

Principal Krull discusses UTM’s future

On Thursday, February 28, the University of Toronto held their Governing Council meeting at UTM after a brief tour around the campus, where chancellors...

UTM to undergo external review

Early next November students will have a chance to provide feedback about UTM as part of a review conducted by the provincial government.At least...

Priorities for U of T’s future

President Meric Gertler visited UTM last month to solicit feedback from students and staff on his “three priorities” for meeting the challenges U of...

Parking fees are not a barrier to education

Gilbert Cassar, president of UTMSU, responded to the ECC proposal with an outrageous claim: “Parking fees are a barrier to education.”

Future of the book?

From the earliest cave paintings to text messaging and everything between, the way that we share stories and communicate has evolved greatly over time....

Minecraft and the future of video games

The first time the zombies came for me, I wasn’t ready.  It attacked me, and I died like an animal in a barren wilderness,...

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