Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Tag: food

So you want to be a vegetarian?

I mull over the Swiss Chalet menu. My stomach grumbles. My mouth waters. My eyes take in the sumptuous pictures of dinner choices. Classic...

Is food at UTM really that bad?

“How much did you say that was?” I ask the teller. He repeats the amount—ten dollars and change. I stare at my tray. It only...

Professor wins research award

UTM sociology Professor Josee Johnston, who teaches the Sociology of Food and Globalization course, has received the Early Researcher Award in the amount of...

Liquor is quicker, but wine is fine

It's Thursday evening and I'm in the cramped Music Room of Hart House where I had come to write about a pinot noir tasting...

Hart House wraps up world food week

Cheap food is an illusion. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere and if it isnt paid at the cash register,...

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