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The business of sustainability

Bob Willard gave a talk on sustainability last Tuesday


Residence Council hosts event to encourage sustainability

Sustainably sustainable

Brad Allen gives the lowdown on the annual Green DAZE at UTM

Paul Martin: The Full Interview

From the Magazine: In Conversation with Canada’s 21st prime minister

UTMSU hosts Environment Week

The events ranged from Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, pumpkin carving and Green Arts on Wednesday, and a showing of the documentary Vanishing of the Bees on Thursday.

Nature on campus

We hear a lot about how environmental we are. But how many of us actually know what it has to offer in concrete terms?

Environmental awareness at UTM

Our campus has been involved in several projects and campaigns that support the environmental cause.

UTM cleans up community

On Friday, about 400 people participated in a community cleanup led by United Way, 150 of which were UTM staff and students.

A bottled water free campus

Instead of rummaging in pockets for change and lining up at vending machines, students will soon fill reusable bottles at new and improved drinking...

Activist Tom Rand addresses environmental crisis issues

On Wednesday night, Tom Rand, a venture capitalist and environmentalist, gave a public lecture at UTM. The University of Toronto doctorate alumnus discussed alternative...

Safety for everyone

I knew when I wrote my editorial last week asking you about multiculturalism there would be discussion. I have received responses, some in the form...

Environment Week kicks off

This year, students can be a part of the seven environmental organizations on campus: UTMSU Ministry of the Environment, the Environmental Affairs Office’s Green...