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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tag: Davis Building

The trouble with the CCT elevators: a breakdown

The Communications, Culture, & Technology (CCT) elevators continue to be in maintenance in the midst of a slew of campus renovations.

The new Meeting Place

Just in time for the start of the school year, UTM’s new food court brings a unique dining experience to the William G. Davis...

Campus affairs updates

On March 27, the Campus Affairs Committee gathered to review the Hospitality and Retail Services updates and initiatives. Vicky...

Construction Continues

Construction work on The Meeting Place continues in the Davis building. According to the University website, the work is expected to be completed in...

Breakfast is so Ooo-La-La

With Booster Juice’s relocation to the RAWC, Ooo-La-La Breakfast Bar stands in its old spot. The new food option created an excited buzz among...

Davis and North buildings still renovating

The new North building is still undergoing light renovations as the academic year begins. The six-storey facility features 29 classrooms and 500 new campus...

Lower crime rates on campus

Reports made by students to UTM’s police in the last couple of weeks cited stolen items valued under $5000 in the Kaneff Centre, Instructional...

UTM launches Centre for Medicinal Chemistry

UTM has launched a Centre for Medicinal Chemistry with a research team led by Professor Patrick Gunning of UTM’s Department of Chemical and Physical...

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