Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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On the line between comedy and outrage

Weed has been legal for a year. Sexual-intercourse among students is at an all-time high. Yet, no one can just chill!

What do you mean you’re offended?

Why are we so sensitive? In 2016, political correctness has become a reigning force in Western society. We’ve become hypersensitive towards anything that has...

A healthy amount of comedy

When it comes to politics, I considered myself to be one of those ignorant millenials who didn’t really know too much about what was...

Onstage hullaballoo walks the plank

The opening of Theatre Erindale’s Comedy of Errors, written by William Shakespeare and directed by David Matheson, uses projections to create a world. Waves...

What colour are your Oscars?

Who doesn’t enjoy a laugh at the expense of pop culture? The UC Follies Sketch Comedy Troupe provided exactly that at their sold-out show...

Louis CK kills it at the Sony Centre

Louis CK is still, and will probably continue to be, the funniest man out there right now.

Trailer park boys and girls

Complete with pink flamingos, Cheetos, beer, and a whole lot of conversatin’, the cast members use their incredible vocal abilities to humorously explore the unusual happenings in this Florida trailer park.

“Kings of Kanada” do Toronto

January 27 marked the day that the famous College Humor duo Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld made their debut in “Kanada”. The two hosted...

Scoundrels run amok

Things are starting to heat up at Hart House these cold winter days as Jeremy Hutton’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: The Musical reels the audience...

Make a date with Due Date

First Todd Phillips gave us The Hangover, and now he delivers Due Date, an off-the-wall buddy-comedy about two extremely different men who take a...

Bold, brash, brazen

I was in New York three years ago and I tried to see a The Whitest Kids You Know show at Carolines comedy club....

Humour me: Comedy through the ages

Funny is a relative term. Try explaining the merit of a film like Superbad to your parents, or, even better, your grandparents. Youll most...

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