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Sunday, February 17, 2019

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UTSU executive lawsuit settled

On October 10, UTSU approved an undisclosed settlement with Sandra Hudson, former UTSU executive director, for improperly paid overtime hours.The lawsuit, filed in 2015,...

Town hall with the Black Liberation Collective

Following the Black Liberation Collective’s call to boycott UTSU for being “anti-black”, UTSU scheduled a “Town Hall to confront anti-Blackness within the UTSU” event...

UTSU files lawsuit against former execs

UTSU filed a civil lawsuit against three of its former employees last Monday and at least one of the defendants has now been served.According...

UTSU elections show sign of change

Brighter U of T has swept the executive board, a historically unusual outcome in which a slate not considered incumbent has overturned its rival.The...

Professional or personal?

“Where is the divide between our personal private life and academic work life?” asks Natasha Hartono in this week’s lead feature story on social...

Voting begins for UTSU elections

Candidates competing for positions on next year’s UTSU executive gathered last Thursday evening for an all-candidates meeting to present their rivalling platforms and answer...

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