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Town hall covers budget and new building

During the town hall meeting held on February 26, UTM Principal Ulrich Krull provided an update on the Davis building’s construction, and commented on...

Guide to Winter 2019 on a budget

As the holiday season ends and we ring in the new year, we often find ourselves reflecting back on the past twelve months. Between...

Students to pay for future expansion?

UTM held its first “mega” commission meeting of the year, comprised of the Student Life commission, Services Commission, and the Campaigns and Advocacy commission...

QSS remains in deadlock

The Quality Services to Students committee remains in a standstill as UTMSU continues to refuse to participate on the committee, preventing the QSS from...

QSS budgets delayed

Due to lack of quorum, QSS passes budgets a month later than planned

Restraints of a student budget

The Student Financial Workshop, offered through the partnership of the UTM Students’ Union and the Office of the Registrar, was held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Student Centre.

Toronto’s budget cut woes

Torontonians have had a lot to say about the city budget for the coming year. Mayor Rob Ford held four consultation meetings last week...

I am not a public relations guru…

Dear Editor, I am not a public relations guru. But I believe that the voter turnout at last years election shows that not everyone is...

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