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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Tag: BLC

Town hall cancelled

UTSU’s second town hall event scheduled last Friday for anti-Blackness has been cancelled, following a low turnout in its first town hall on November...

Low turnout at the UTSU town hall

Following UTSU’s town hall with the Black Liberation Collective last Thursday, BLC claimed that they were not invited to the meeting. According to UTSU’s Facebook...

U of T students rally for free education

All three U of T campuses united for a rally in downtown Toronto last Wednesday on the National Day of Action, advocating for free...

Town hall with the Black Liberation Collective

Following the Black Liberation Collective’s call to boycott UTSU for being “anti-black”, UTSU scheduled a “Town Hall to confront anti-Blackness within the UTSU” event...

Black Liberation Collective calls to boycott UTSU

The Black Liberation Collective released a statement last week calling to boycott the University of Toronto Students Union. Alleging that UTSU has been committing “anti-Black...

BLC’s to-do list: inclusion, diversity, support

Last Wednesday, the Black Liberation Collective held their first event for the academic 2016/17 year, titled Welcome Black. The event welcomed black students to...

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