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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tag: biology

New adaptable virtual biology textbook

While many students and families may struggle beneath the burden of expensive tuition fees, the cost of textbooks often contributes to financial stress as...

Mingling at “Meet the Grad Students”

Last week, the Erindale Biology Society (EBS) and the Erindale Chemical and Physical Sciences Society (ECPS) collaborated on a “Meet the Grad Students” event...

Exploring human remains identification

The Forensic Science department at UTM will introduce a new Special Topics 300-level course taught by Dr. Nicole Novroski, an assistant professor in UTM’s...

Pablo blooms and stinks up the zoo

On Thursday September 13th, “Pablo ‘Pe-ew’ Caso”, the Toronto Zoo’s Amorphophallus titanium, or corpse flower, was the fifth of its species to bloom in...

New greenhouse on budget for over $3M

UTM’s newest facility will be a modern, research-based greenhouse budgeted for over $3 million and is expected to be completed by February or March.Located...

Rawling in the genes

To many, learning about evolution, natural selection, and the specifics behind genetics may not seem very interesting, but with UTM’s Fiona Rawle, it’s an...

Mapping UTM’s nature trail for hikers

UTM’s nature trail will soon be dotted with nuggets of enlightenment for curious hikers and eager students alike to uncover.Maika Seki, a third-year biology...

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