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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tag: abortion

UTMSU’s legal battle continues

The lawsuit between the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union and the pro-life group, UTM Students for Life, is still ongoing with no verdict...

The stigma surrounding a woman’s choice

When I was 20, I had an abortion. I was living on my own for the first time. I was given bad advice by...

Free speech isn’t an excuse

Our news section this week includes an article about a group called Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. They gave UTSU and UTMSU an F...

Women decide for themselves

For some, the word “abortion” holds more weight than it does for others. Some think the word is synonymous with death. Others think the...

UTMSFL spreads their message

UTM Students for Life, an on-campus pro-life activist group, distributed pamphlets in Davis last Thursday with the question: “Shouldn’t all human beings have human...

UTMSU and UTMSFL to be questioned this week

UTMSU and UTM Students for Life will soon face each other in court as legal questioning begins this week.In January, UTMSFL filed a suit...

The abortion divide: pro-life or choice?

The late 20th century remained a particularly active time for Canadian politics following the revival of the debate over “reproductive politics”. The debate introduced...

Pro-life group files suit against UTMSU (update)

UTMSU has reportedly been served with a lawsuit in a case filed by a pro-life student group at UTM who claims that the union...

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