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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Weekly Workout Tips

Review the basics, focus on recovery, and do something fun

You prepared your healthy meals, washed your gym clothes, and made your way to the gym deciding that you’ll undoubtedly have your best workout...

How skinny guys build muscle & how to say “No!” to...

How skinny guys build muscle You may be a genetic ectomorph—in other words, “thin”—but want to be a genetic mesomorph, where your biceps bulge out...

Chest complex & getting the most from your pull-up

Chest complex Get your chest ripped without doing a single bench press. With the bench-press movement, you’re isolating your larger chest muscles while your stabilizers—which...

Step-ups, planking, & your boring treadmill run

Step-ups for toned and explosive legs Many students think that they’ll gain leg muscles through heavy back squats; this is true, but it isn’t the...

Push-ups, bench presses, & air squats

More useful push-ups The “dead-stop push-up” is what it sounds like. Allow your chest and clenched core to rest on the floor while your hands—shoulder-width...

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