The UTMSU is under fire for their haunted house being too frightening to bare. Last week, the students’ centre hosted many spooky scares, but students were unprepared for what awaited them in the darkness.

We caught up with Mark Diven, a student who dared enter the haunted presentation room. “I crept into the haunted house. It was dark… I could barely see. It was cold. Then I felt it: a warm breath on the back of neck. I turned around and saw a wet turkey hanging from the ceiling.”

Students were promised a thrilling haunted maze, but were instead delivered a dark room full of wet turkeys.

The Medium reached out to the UTMSU to clarify what the wet turkeys meant but received turkey giblet soup in response.

An anonymous whistleblower working for the students’ union has revealed that the UTMSU spent over $12,000 worth of student fees on turkeys, and another $5,000 to make them wet. The Medium’s economics team calculated that an estimated total of $17,000 was spent on wet turkeys.


  1. “It was cold. Then I felt it… I turned around and saw a wet turkey hanging from the ceiling.

    Absolutely terrifying! This enlightening article kept me on the edge of my seat exposing the sadistic nature of the UTMSU

  2. “An anonymous whistleblower working for the students’ union has revealed that the UTMSU spent over $12,000 worth of student fees on turkeys, and another $5,000 to make them wet.”

    This is the type of groundbreaking reporting a truely respected news source like the medium is known for! Taking the risk to call out the injustices of a corrupted organization such as the UTMSU takes guts.

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