Unfair parking

Dear Editor,
This morning, I entered the CCT Parking Garage to park as usual. I did not expect any problems as I had bought a reserved parking permit for the CCT Garage at the begin- ning of this year. However, I was outraged when I was not able to find one empty parking spot. While searching for a spot, I noticed several other cars coming into the parking garage with the proper parking permit and encountering the same problem.
The most worrying part of this is that I noticed several cars that were taking up the parking spots had only paid for day parking, through using the Pay and Display parking machines. I find it difficult to comprehend why these Pay and Display parking machines are located in a parking garage that is reserved for students like me who have paid $800+ to be guaranteed a parking spot.
After not being able to locate a parking spot, I had no choice but to go to the parking office. The attendant relocated me to Lot 5. While pulling out of the parking office lot, I noticed
several cars pulling up who displayed CCT Garage parking permits as well. I imagine they were experiencing the same problem.
It seems contradictory and fraudulent to me that the CCT Garage is supposed to be reserved for those of us who have paid the extra funds for reserved spots, but continues to stay available for anyone who wants to park there and pay with the Pay and Display machines. This defeats the point of purchasing a reserved parking permit, when effec- tively, the spots are not being reserved at all.
As a student who owns a reserved CCT Garage parking permit, I would like to see this issue resolved as soon as possi- ble. I imagine I am not the only one experiencing this problem. There should not be Pay and Display machines in reserved parking lots. Not only does it defeat the purpose of purchasing a reserved parking permit, it also demonstrates poor business ethics towards UTM parking students.
Anthony Barbieri