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Sunday, March 24, 2019

UTMSU Wage increase

The folks at UTMSU work hard, and they absolutely deserve the salary increase, so why the fuss?If you ask any UTMSU executive this year...

All hands on deck: learning beyond the classroom

This week we have a piece in our features section on four undergraduate students who took a trip to Hokkaido, Japan with Dr. Gary...

The Medium’s place at UTM

As a student publication, we owe it to our readers to provide the most factual and up-to-date information in all sections of our paper....

Going beyond the undergrad

As a university student it’s tough to want to think that your path into a career can’t go anywhere outside the bounds of a...

A case of burger remorse

The story unfolds in the heart of UTM. As I approached the student centre on October 15th, I noticed a table at the entrance...

Changing the way we look at UTM’s laptop thieves

Every hour at the UTM library, students will hear an announcement—the same announcement. It’s a reminder that there have been reported laptop thefts, and...

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